Sowing Meadows – diversity on Arable Land

Compared to arable land, meadows are much better suited for the dynamics of floodplains. Unlike agricultural fields where topsoil is washed away during flooding, meadows can endure such events unharmed.


Some farmland had also been converted into meadows during the course of the project. In order to make it work, the nutrient-rich topsoil had first been removed. Even after this step, however, it would still take a long time for a species-rich meadow to take hold. This process was aided by the sowing of Hay-blossom (Flores graminis) meadows. Similar to grain fields, nearby herb-rich meadows had been threshed and the seeds had been collected to be spread over these previously arable lands.

yellow rattle heath butterfly Salbei-Esparsette common fritillary



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Bernhard Struck

(Landkreis Bamberg)

Bernd Flieger

(Landkreis Lichtenfels)

Andreas Laudensack

(StMUV Bayern)