Understand Nature – experience in diversity

The aim of the LIFE-Nature project is to preserve natural habitats, and where possible, enhance them. Large undisturbed areas play an instrumental role. In order for people to participate in the activities and achievements of this project, they have been facilitated with an array of opportunities to observe, enjoy and experience nature.

Adventure trails have been created to lead you directly into the natural world and let you experience true wilderness. Along the trails you will be informed about natural relationships and exciting details. Observation towers and smaller hidden roofed observation areas make bird watching especially exceptional, without disturbing the wildlife.


Excursions invite you to deepen your knowledge of specific topics and learn exactly what is happening throughout the Main Valley.


A skillful tour by canoe or bike brings you closer to the habitats without disturbing its inhabitants.

Information panels are setup throughout the entire project area to help accompany you and provide you with a good overview.



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Bernhard Struck

(Landkreis Bamberg)

Bernd Flieger

(Landkreis Lichtenfels)

Andreas Laudensack

(StMUV Bayern)