Visualization of the Project Area

The area of the LIFE-Nature project ranges from Burgkunstadt (District of Lichtenfels) to Bamberg. There are only a few dams and/or locks along this 77 km section of the Main River. This sets it apart from most of the major rivers in Germany. Grasslands, riparian forests and quarry lakes surround the broad Main River Valley.


Throughout three sections of the valley, consisting of a total of 3150 ha, measures have been taken to provide an environmentally conscious layout of the Upper Main Valley. All areas which accommodate habitats for rare animals and plants belong to the “Natura 2000” pan-European network of protected areas. Through the LIFE-Nature project the ecological quality of these habitats are preserved and could even be improved upon for the future.



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Bernhard Struck

(Landkreis Bamberg)

Bernd Flieger

(Landkreis Lichtenfels)

Andreas Laudensack

(StMUV Bayern)