The Project in Figures

Project Sponsor: Bavarian State Ministry for the Environment and Public Health
Management: District of Bamberg
Project Management: Office Team 4
Project Area: 3150 ha
Section Length of the Main: 77.4 km (48.1 miles)
Project Duration: 5 ½ years, from 2010 to mid-2015
End of the projekt: mid-2015
Total budget: € 2.22 million, 50% co-financing from the EU

Project Supporters:

•    Bad Staffelstein
•    Baunach
•    Breitengüßbach
•    Burgkunstadt
•    Ebensfeld
•    Hallstadt
•    Hochstadt am Main
•    Kemmern
•    Lichtenfels
•    Marktgraitz
•    Marktzeuln
•    Oberhaid
•    Rattelsdorf
•    Redwitz an der Rodach
•    Viereth-Trunstadt

•    Government of Upper Franconia - Higher Nature Conservation Authority
•    Water Authority Kronach
•    Office for Rural Development Upper Franconia
•    Food, Agriculture and Forestry Agencies of Bamberg and Coburg
•    Fishery Advisory for the district of Upper Franconia
•    District Fisheries Association Upper Franconia
•    University of Weihenstephan-Triesdorf
•    River Paradise Franconia
•    Bamberg and Lichtenfels District Landscape Maintenance Associations
•    Naturalist Society Bamberg
•    Scientific Society Bayreuth
•    University of Bayreuth - Ecological-Botanical Garden


Total volume of €2.22 million, of which: European Union: € 1.11 million
Other Contributors: Upper Franconia Foundation, Bavarian Nature Conservation Fund, Bavarian State Ministry for the Environment and Public Health, Districts of Bamberg and Lichtenfels, Bavarian Society for the Protection of Birds, Federal Nature Conservation in Bavaria



status report - (english version)




Bernhard Struck

(Landkreis Bamberg)

Bernd Flieger

(Landkreis Lichtenfels)

Andreas Laudensack

(StMUV Bayern)