Project Objectives - What to achieve?

The mining of sand and gravel has left many areas with uniform and poorly structured quarry pits that offer only a few habitats for a limited number of species. Riparian forests and marsh lands, which are routinely over dammed, only serve a residual population. Therefore, animals and plants have had their habitats reduced to the areas that are still preserved.
However, the Upper Main Valley has great potential. With the help of the LIFE-Nature project, habitats for rare animal and plant species can be newly created. Through the extensive system of shallows, reed beds and backwater pools it is possible for a vibrant lake-landscape to emerge. 



status report - (english version)




Bernhard Struck

(Landkreis Bamberg)

Bernd Flieger

(Landkreis Lichtenfels)

Andreas Laudensack

(StMUV Bayern)